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  • Button closure

  • Transform any low-cut outfit from day to night in just a snap. Three adjustable snaps on each side. Snaps around thin or wide bra straps and tucks between the bridge of the bra cups.

  • Instantly create a layered look, add an accent color or cover up cleavage without the bulk. Snappy Cami Sets are sold with 3 in a pack NO LACE and FULL LACE.

  • Easy on or off, no need to undress. Adjustable, strapless and backless.

  • One Size Fits Most Not All. Lightweight, cool and comfortable. 92% Polyester 8% Spandex.

  • USA Patent No: 8,062,093-B2 * 8,152,591-B2 * 8,257,139-B2 * D661, 463S as well as other International patents

  • Snappy Cami Snap-To-Bra Mock Camisole. A must have fashion accessory a solution for women’s wardrobes. Snappy Cami instantly converts most bras into a camisole, a functional, comfortable and decorative accessory that provides women the freedom to expose or conceal cleavage on a moment's notice. Snappy Cami is a small, innovative garment that snaps around the straps and tucks under the bridge between the cups of a bra, creating a simulated dress top. The accessory modestly covers only the cleavage area just as a tank top or a full camisole would without the extra bulk material around the body. Converts and elevates most outerwear with an elegant sophisticated accent. Teachers, nurses, business women, moms and many more can now wear low cut outfits feeling comfortable and confident while covering up cleavage, plunging necklines or scars. No more worrying about adhesive fashion tape, elastic loops, buttons, hooks or clips. Our products are designed by a woman for women and are patent, copyright and trademark protected. Women who have already purchased lace trim are now looking for no lace and full lace mock camisoles. A full lace can be worn over the no lace solid which creates a backing and a variety of layering looks.

    Cleavage Cover Original Snappy Cami (828) - Classic NO LACE (Solid) - Set of 3 [Black Gray and Brown]