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  • This product is a three-in-one product that can be split. Protective sleeve sponge chest pad lightweight fiberfill

  • Temporary breast shape designed for immediate use after breast surgery and during leisure Filled with lightweight fiber filler, the lightweight fiberfill can be added or removed to adjust the volume to the desired size

  • Breathable cotton backing for soft skin

  • Molded fabric leisure form For use immediately following breast surgery Helps main your outward appearance without rubbing or irritating sensitive scar tissue Can also be used as a leisure form, when relaxing, sleeping

  • description This soft, comfortable temporary breast shape has all the advantages of a standard product, adds a smooth front to prevent irritation, and can be worn in any BIMEI pocket after surgery, until the scar is replaced by a silicone bra.

    Standard Breast Form Soft Comfortable Temporary False Cotton Breast Breast Cancer Surgery Cotton pad Type Chest pad